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Our affiliates program is designed to make YOU more money. Why should you only get paid once, on a signup that you worked hard for? Forget that, we’ll pay you, and continue to pay you for as long as your signups stay with us.

I want to join, how much can I make?

Good question. The answer is, as much as you want! Our payout structure is designed to get your more cash, the more you sell.

Sales Payout
1-5 25%
6-10 30%
11-15 35%
20+ 40%

What products can hosting affiliates promote?

Here is the list of products included and excluded from the hosting affiliates program:

Included: VPS Hosting, Managed Web Hosting, Server Management

Excluded: SSL, Domain Names, Web Design, IT Solutions

Why percentage versus flat-rate payouts?

Well, consider this; when you generate a signup for us, you make a percentage on that signup, FOR LIFE. So when someone signs up with your affiliate code, you get payed a percentage of the sales price for as long as they stay with us!

That’s cool, but when do I get paid?

Hosting affiliates are payed 31 days after a successful signup. We delay your payments to make sure that the signup is past our 30 day money back policy.

What are tiered hosting affiliates?

One of the cool features of our hosting affiliates program is that you can recruit people to promote for us, and take 10% percent off the top of their sales, for yourself. You can just sit back, and watch the commissions roll in!