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Yes! The only time we may restrict resource usage is if our other users are being affected negatively. We only ask that you remain conscious of your peers, and understand that you are a part of a community.

You may feel free to upload whatever you want, so long as you are in compliance with international, and Unites States law. This means no copyright infringing material, no illegal content, and nothing else that would otherwise be deemed to be in violation of the law. Please see our Terms of Use, and Acceptable Use policies for detailed information.

Fully Managed Hosting plans include support for all the server-side aspects of your hosting plan. We do NOT provide support for custom software/content, nor do we provide support for any user uploaded content. We can only support the official add-ons and modules provided and supported by WHM/cPanel, our 3rd party control panel.

Clients who have signed up for Server Management services own their own dedicated servers, and allow us to administrate them on their behalf. In this case, we do provide limited support for certain aspects of their server.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for new orders. If you tried our services and were not 100% satisfied, we will refund the amount paid in full. No cancellation fees, no questions asked.

Our discount rates for Community Hosting plans are based on your chosen billing cycle. This means that you pay less the longer you choose to host with us. We do not offer discounted rates for bulk domain name registrations at this time.

We absolutely DO NOT share any of your private information with 3rd parties, or anyone outside of our organization. The exception being Law Enforcement officials, and only when requested by a court-ordered subpoena.

We DO NOT store any credit card or payment information directly on our servers. All of your sensitive information is stored by our PCI-Compliant payment processors.

We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for spam originating from or destined our servers, domains, or network.

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