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We Support Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash!

We wanted to offer Bitcoin as a payment method because we believe in it’s founding principles of Freedom, Privacy, and Security. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allow for pseudo-anonymous transactions without the need for a bank. It has been described as the digital equivalent of cash. For more detailed information about Bitcoin, we highly recommend checking out the FAQ located at the official Bitcoin Foundation website:

Pay for hosting with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin transactions are completely transparent. Any payments made to us using Bitcoin can be tracked by way of the public blockchain. You can find the entire blockchain here:


Pay with Bitcoin from anywhere in the world! With no banks to deal with, you can jump into one of our hosting plans as soon as the p2p network generates enough transaction confirmations.


We are a Bitpay merchant. This allows us to offer customers the ability to create recurring subscriptions safely, and with ease. The best part, you can pay with any wallet you want!